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Our London office is located near Westminster in the heart of the City.

Cape Town
Century City is the home of our satellite office in South Africa.

We operate across Europe, Africa, Middle East and America. We go to Australia at a price :-)


Julio Graham(Masters Business Administration)
Julio is a Systems Thinking Practitioner and an expert in Process Design, Evaluation and Implementation. He has 25+ years of experience across numerous industries. His expertise includes:

  • Governance - from vision to implementation (including King III, SOX, COSO)
  • Creation of governance mechanisms - RACI charts, job descriptions, terms of reference, etc
  • Planning Insights
  • Compliance Review
  • Lean Supply Chain
  • Process review
  • Review of tenders (both private and public sector)
  • Business requirements evaluation and specification
  • Service Level Agreement Assessments

Julio has also reviewed and worked on most computerised systems - from Accpac, through the manufacturing systems like Navision, SAP, etc all the way to Oracle Financials and bespoke customised systems. He has an excellent understanding of the development, selection and implementation cycles - in particular regarding IT governance, ITIL (service management) and project management required for large projects.

Currently, Julio specialises in assisting clients understand and tackle their organisational challenges through the use of systems thinking methodologies and methods.

Cameron Kinnear
Cameron is our Solutions Consultant who is very concise in helping teams and organisations understand and embrace their vision, mission and tactical plans. Cameron is well versed in multi-disciplines and has experience in many industries, including finance, technology, manufacturing, retail, defence and local government to name but a few.

Peter Hill
An IT governance expert with vast experience in implementing governance throughout organisations. Peter is the principle in his own organisation but we include him here as we call on his services for the more technical aspects of our IT Governance projects. Peter is a certified Cobit 5 trainer in the introduction, implementation and advanced Cobit Courses.

Theo Graham
Theo looks after our system development and system forensics. He is an expert in understanding code and finding the loopholes that often cause malicious damage to systems or private computers. He also heads up our outsourced development teams.

Peter Allright
A forensics expert and independent investigator. Peter has various certifications in the forensics arena and we use him specifically to gather evidence and prepare material for court proceedings. Peter is also a re-design expert and once all the dust of a forensic investigation has settle he is instrumental in ensuring the organisation can re-group and move forward with the least amount of disruption.

Outsourced Service Provider
We are often called upon by large legal and consulting firms to give expert assistance to their teams and to assist on projects as required. We have supported Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs for over 8 years, Deloitte, Horizon Forensics and various other firms.

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