Drawing your way to understanding

I was reminded recently whilst watching a TED talk that the way we add value to business is by using some of our systems methods to help the organisation gain and retain insight into its workings. One of these methods involves drawing pictures. At first glance it appears trivial but when you start looking deeper into the mechanics and the thought processes of the individuals and groups who draw the pictures you get an immense understanding of how the organisation works. One of the exercises w...

Business Leadership Effectiveness

When we have done research into leadership styles we have often detected a dismissive attitude towards the employees by a management team. The management team have an opinion that they know what is right for the organisation and that they, exclusively, must lead this organisation. Whilst this is not a bad thing, Peter Senge explains this as “the myth of the hero-leader” – a shared story that leaders are the few special people blessed with the capability for command and influence. Their mix of ...