Drawing your way to understanding

I was reminded recently whilst watching a TED talk that the way we add value to business is by using some of our systems methods to help the organisation gain and retain insight into its workings. One of these methods involves drawing pictures. At first glance it appears trivial but when you start looking deeper into the mechanics and the thought processes of the individuals and groups who draw the pictures you get an immense understanding of how the organisation works. One of the exercises w...

Why do Processes?

There is a growing contingent of business people who believe their quirky, off-the-cuff style can replace processes. Are they wrong? Well, they aren't wrong, processes are really not there for the individual to be creative! Or is that statement also wrong? Processes help organisations retain knowledge, they help standardise things, they help the organisation to be able to repeat something fairly consistently. So, if you have poor processes that are religiously followed your organisation will b...

Process Models

Finding the right process model for your company has become a multi-billion dollar business for some. It does not need to be all that complicated. Most companies don't care what the process model is as long as it helps clarify the processes and activities. We believe that before you even attempt to define processes - let alone adopt a process model, you should be fairly certain about what your organisation is trying to achieve. Once you know this, and believe me it is sometimes well hidden from ...