Governance is the cornerstone for building a sustainable organisation. With our approach you have a unique integrated governance, management and operational system that is optimised for any legal, ISO, JSE, King III, SOX or any other requirements your organisation subscribes to.

Governance is not compliance

Governance is often seen as compliance only - this is a very one dimensional view of a system of inter-related activities that actually help organisations realise their goals as opposed to the administrative burden that is often associated with governance activities.

Here at Olive Professional Services we view governance as the combined activities that the whole organisation engages in, in order to achieve the organisation's goals. While this does sound like a massive ask of an organisation, it can in fact be distilled into very practical terms and actions. Every organisation is governed by laws, requirements, shareholder's demands and stakeholder interests. These demands are often contradictory and need to be managed properly. The only way to manage or govern properly is to try and have an holistic, integrated approach to your governance, management and operations. This requires considerable effort to get started but once the foundations of a decent governance philosophy and system have been laid the organisation will grow and excel in their chosen areas of focus.

Generic Governance Systems or Methods Destroy Value

Through years of experience and research we have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a generic or best practice governance system. The lines just blur too much and the mistake that is often made is trying to comply with governance requirements instead of adopting the principles and turning them into practical activities that enhance the organisation. Each organisation must decide what activities and outcomes they need to engage in to achieve their goals and what the governance mechanisms that ensure organisational sustainability, whilst ensuring good ethics, sound environmental practices and being cognisant of all other 'demands' or requirements, are. This is a really tall order, especially if it is something we do on the side instead of it being our business focus.

Our consultants are well versed in the structures of organisations, particularly when it comes to ensuring proper communication and alignment of operational activities to organisational goals. With our integrated approach we can assist in making your organisation more effective, more governable and ultimately sustainable through the introduction of processes for operations, management and leadership.

For more information on our take on governance and how to implement it properly please contact us to discuss your requirements, questions and concerns.