Management systems are not a new thing in modern business. You will be familiar with the various Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental management systems and standards that are proposed by the ISO standards.

We have adopted and adapted PAS 99 to bring you an integrated management approach. Using this approach helps the organisation focus on the objectives and it integrates all the good things from the ISO standards without adding additional administrative burden. An integrated approach ensures you do what is important for the organisation, its stakeholders and shareholders.

Some of the benefits, according to PAS 99, of having an integrated management system include:
a) improved business focus;
b) a more holistic approach to managing business risks;
c) less conflict between individual management systems;
d) reduced duplication and bureaucracy;
e) more effective and efficient audits both internally and externally;
f) easier facilitation of the requirements of any new management system that the organization wishes to adopt.