Smart Artefacts

You may not know what Smart Artefacts are all about but hey - does anyone? The Rozetta Stone may have been a smart artefact .......

We try and make smart business artefacts. On this site we try to get you to understand what an artefact is, how you use them in your daily business life and how you can improve your life by creating smarter artefacts.

All the outputs from your daily work are artefacts, not only the products you manufacture but all the reports, minutes and presentations you produce in your daily work. Are they smart? Can they be smarter?

We believe they can be smarter. When you look at the multiple models and techniques out in the marketplace to assist you in making your organisation leaner, more eco friendly, improve quality and optimise resources, there appears to be no real understanding of the artefacts that are produced. Without a better understanding of the artefacts that are in use in your organisation, any advice at improving your organisation may be limited in its success.

Artefacts are ultimately the output from a particular process either as a final product or as input to another process. Focussing on making these artefacts smarter should be your number one priority.