Are You Trapped in Your Successful Business?

Do you find yourself constantly working in your business without a break? For a business owner who has spent the past 15 – 20+ years building a business from scratch into a very successful enterprise, profits are regular, staff retention is stable and customers are loyal and constant. What could possibly be wrong?

Well, for one, the owner who is also the manager, the executioner and the decision maker, is trapped in the business. No matter how successful it becomes the owner is needed more and more. Attempts to employ management or even to promote people from within have produced terrible results. The new incumbents need more time to manage than the actual business, which the owner must now still do.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There is a way in which you as this successful business owner can remove yourself from the business without breaking it. It takes time, it takes a whole load of understanding about how you operate BUT it is nowhere near impossible.

In short you need to go through a process that allows you to figure out a few things. You need to figure out your leadership style, your requirements and your ‘gut feel’ needs to be understood by you firstly and then it needs to be communicated to your new leaders or potential leaders. Along the way you need to learn how to let go without losing control and you need to be able to lead without doing the work.

Contact me and we can see if I can take you through all the necessary steps to extricate yourself from your business without breaking it. So whether you want to sell your business or just want to take that occasional well deserved holiday, you need to take a closer look at what we can do for you and your organisation.