Core Business Kickstarter

You need a solid foundation to start building bigger things.

For this service we go back to basics:

  1. Core fundamentals – a broad outline to the approach that you will be taking and some information to help you get the right context and mindset for this project.
  2. Strategic Objective – we revisit and create a strategic objective that is punchy, lacks suitcase words and can be embraced and understood throughout your organisation.
  3. Operating Principles – Just in case people don’t know or can’t remember we will compile a list of all the things that are imperative to your success and core to your culture.
  4. Working procedures – this is the bulk of the work – here we will help you identify the procedures you need and show you how to write and implement them.

Operational Transformation

Once you have the basics you can supercharge your business machine.

This service offering includes the Core Kickstarter activities and expands on the various systems (both technological and human) you need in your business. This module is a deep dive into all the aspects of your operations to make sure you have the appropriate systems to deal with Human Resources, Information Technology, Growth, Communication, Fulfilment, Productivity, Measures of performance and much more.

You will be in a position to maximise your operational effectiveness and efficiency whilst continually improving.

Management Transformation

Without management there is no feedback for learning and improvement.

Our management transformation package includes the operational transformation and then expands on how to manage your entire organisation through the use of a single management system (not an IT system) that is geared towards managing various requirements such are legal, standards, sector compliance and even owner requirements.

The gained effectiveness of one management system will turn you and your managers into objective slaying heroes.

Organisational Transformation

Owner Liberation

Outsourced Business Systems Manager

Business Outcome Improvement

Successful Strategy Scenarios