Systemise Your Business

Challenges to business success


Successful small to medium sized business owners often have 5 major challenges to business success which occur simultaneously:

  1. They are often the bottleneck in their business. Some owners like this, it gives them a feeling of control, but most find themselves dealing with the mundane and often the least productive tasks, preventing them from doing the things that add value or that they love;
  2. There is never enough time to train someone properly because it is often easier and quicker to just do it themselves rather than go through the process of explaining yet again;
  3. Customers demand personal service from the business owner. This is often because the delivery of the service or product is inextricably attached to the owner’s personal service;
  4. In order to grow the business owner must employ more people but in order to employ more people they must first grow;
  5. Many business owners are in fact experts at their service or product and not at managing a business. The moment they take their eye off the product, things go wrong but paradoxically the minute they take their eye off the business, thing also go wrong. It feels like a never-ending juggling and prioritisation nightmare.

If you have ever experienced this you will know how debilitating it is. Owners often tell me: “I am trapped in my business and I can do nothing right!” or “If only I could replicate myself, I would be so much better off”. I’ve even heard one say: “I want to change customer’s lives, not manage the business”.

Truth is that if you as the business owner wants to grow the business you need to take steps to disengage with the daily grind and work on your business or find someone who can do it for you.

Systemise your Business

The initial answer is simple, write down everything you do in a manner that someone else can learn how to do it. The problem is how, in what order and when?

This is where we can help you improve your business success. We know the answer lies in processes, procedures and documentation of the same. You need to make the business knowledge, in your mind, known to everyone by formalising it in procedures. There are a few ways in which you can do this, especially if you are very, very busy trying to keep your business together.

You can hire us to systemise your business for you. The only commitment that you have is the time you need to spend with one of our consultants to document what you know. We can do this for everything in your business that requires transfer of knowledge from someone’s mind to a corporate knowledge base.

We will setup the systems, the documents and the training for your current and new staff on how to do the procedures and how to maintain them. Your business will improve and you will be in control of the parts of the business areas that you want to be involved in and decide the parts that need to run on autopilot. The bottom line is that the transition from working in your business to working on your business will transform the quality of you life.

There is also a self-help route for those who want more independence and want to work at their own pace. Work the System by Sam Carpenter is a method that you can follow and get results. The book is free from the Work The System website and it contains all the necessary information that you need. Most business owners hardly have the time for a date night with their significant other so we find they often get the book but never actually read it or implement any of the steps.

The company, Work the System also have an online course offering called Systemize to Thrive where you can go through 17 modules and systemise your business whilst doing the course. You get a coach and there is accountability along the way. The biggest challenge is making the commitment and going through with it. We have found that the people who complete the course whilst implementing the things they learn, have more time, more resources and better quality within their businesses within 90 days or less.

Whether you decide to use the Work the System Systemize to Thrive online training as a basis for starting your business transformation or you decide you want to just use the book Work the System by Sam Carpenter, you can still have help from us. We can help with the course material and applying it to your business. Alternatively we can help you implement the lessons from the book in your business. The choice truly is yours.

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