Anita Vos – Deloitte & Touche

Julio is a multi-skilled consultant who understands the business, technology and the human aspects of making a project work – he knows what should be done, how to go about doing it and how to involve everybody. Julio has a unique ability to apply the principles of change management and knowledge of business and technology to determine what is required in an organisation and facilitate the process of implementing the change. His exceptional people skills and knowledge of the change process ...

Peter Allwright – Horizon Forensics

Julio has unique expertise and insight of systemic management practice enabling him to achieve objectives with minimal fuss and conflict. I have seen first hand how Julio transforms business operations by understanding the context for change, bringing clarity to the desired outcomes, establishing and quantifying implementation plans, and executing these plans in a way that engages stakeholders and ensures effective and enduring knowledge transfer. Whether the need is related to governanc...

Drawing your way to understanding

I was reminded recently whilst watching a TED talk that the way we add value to business is by using some of our systems methods to help the organisation gain and retain insight into its workings. One of these methods involves drawing pictures. At first glance it appears trivial but when you start looking deeper into the mechanics and the thought processes of the individuals and groups who draw the pictures you get an immense understanding of how the organisation works. One of the exercises w...

Planning for change

The ever changing business arena and customer environment often leaves our budgets in tatters and our accountants wearily trying to explain variances to shareholders and management alike. The only certainty in business is that things will change yet we still hang onto outdated modes of budgeting and planning that assume one set of outcomes will unfold. What if you could plan for multiple outcomes, budget and get approval for multiple budgets based on sound information gathering and forecasting ...

Business Leadership Effectiveness

When we have done research into leadership styles we have often detected a dismissive attitude towards the employees by a management team. The management team have an opinion that they know what is right for the organisation and that they, exclusively, must lead this organisation. Whilst this is not a bad thing, Peter Senge explains this as “the myth of the hero-leader” – a shared story that leaders are the few special people blessed with the capability for command and influence. Their mix of ...

Making Sense At Work

When we view an organisation as a system for sense-making, we can see how power can be used not only as a tool to get things done in a particular way, but also as a tool that affects the sense-making process of the rest of the organisation. Brown says “power is most strategically deployed in the design and implementations of frameworks within which the very meaning of such actions as ‘making decisions’ is defined”. From this we can say that at many organisations the ways of making sense of the...