Why do Processes?

There is a growing contingent of business people who believe their quirky, off-the-cuff style can replace processes. Are they wrong?

Well, they aren’t wrong, processes are really not there for the individual to be creative!

Or is that statement also wrong?

Processes help organisations retain knowledge, they help standardise things, they help the organisation to be able to repeat something fairly consistently. So, if you have poor processes that are religiously followed your organisation will be consistently poor. You must engage the process to make any significant difference in your outcomes if you want to improve.

So the fundamental problem is how do we remain creative then? We want creativity to be focused at the output of our process in such a way that the outcome of the process is improved and meets the specific requirements of the business. Processes allow you to be creative because it removes the uncertainty in what needs doing. Creativity can then be focused where it is needed most instead of creativity being wasted on re-inventing the process “AGAIN”.